How long my tattoo will take and how much will cost? 


Multiple factors will determine how long Our tattoo will take. Some of them are obvious but some may be a surprise to You.

Some time ago i decided I will do a long term promotion taking less money for my work so i can focus more on doing bigger pieces and with more details so good news is that You have a big discount. :D




My aproach: 

Every tattooist will have different approach to tattooing so really the most important decision is to pick right craftsman that suits Your needs.    Take a look at portfolio, make a phone call or better, go to a shop for a consultation, most tattooist will do it for free and ask questions even if they sound silly. I do consultations for free and I am free to chat at all time during working hours. 

Its all in Your hands when comes to this decision. Once You decide to work with me i need Your trust. I cannot stretch that enough. Looking at clock or my hands, asking how long tattoo will take is not the way we should work. Creating a pressure about time will downgrade quality of out tattoo. The best tattoos I did where done on people that gave me oportunity to use all my skills.

My goal is to do tattoo as good and as fast as possible. Only in that order. Why do i try my best? Because then You become my walking advertisment and I have another piece in my porfolio plus more work in future. Long term downgrading quality will eventually kill my carier and even more important - joy and ambition.

My main goal as an artist is to create original, beautifull, strong tattoos with deep meaning. They aslo needs to be connected to clients fundamental characteristic of their personality. 



Of course design, size and level of complication will determine how long tattoo wil take.

My goal is to give You balanced tattoo design with lots of lovely details but not so complicated that we will spend 20+ hours on a panel. Roughly i will take 8 hours for a panel.
And as always less is more. 





Moving on a chair may be an automatic and unconcious behaviour and typing on Your phone may seems like not a problem but it makes a enourmous difference for me.

   Bring headphones and phone, listen to good music or watch a movie and let me focus maximally on the process. If You need a break, no problem - wait until I am cleaning needle, reloading ink, whiping skin and we will do a small break.

Leting me work on our piece in focus is crutial to how long tattoo will take. Dont get me wrong here, I like talking and getting know each other but i respect Your time and Your money. 


Type of skin:


Its a monumental factor and its rarely understood by clients as such. 
   Some of types of skin are fantastic to tattoo, needle penetrate skin easily and ink is going in smoothly, shading is lookign smoky-smooth and lines are sharper, as well as healing process goes easier. This type of skin is pretty rare unfortunetaly.

Tone of skin is also important when comes to determine type of design but even super light skin can be difficult.
Even the most experienced and talented tattoo artists in the world will not make miracles if the skin is hard. But its ok, that's my job to figure out what would work the best as a design and therefore a tattoo.


Type of skin is one of the most important factors when it comes to answet the question how long tattoo will take. It can extend time of a tattoo significantly

My best advice to this problem is to choose correct type of design and take extra care during healing. 

Healing process:


   With multiple session tattoos I depend on clients appreaceation of my work. 

Cleaning and creaming every two hours until it is healed is actually a hard job, I understand that.

But tattoo that was not taken care of properly means more extra and unnecessary work. Its not fun for me and it means more money for You. We both loose, as insteed of extra money I want to finish piece and have a sense of accomplishment + material for portfolio.