How long my tattoo will take? 


   Multiple factors will determine how long Our tattoo will take. Some of them are obvious but some may be a surprise to You.

                                                               Quality first plus speed

My aproach:

   Every tattooist will have different approach so the most important decision is to pick right craftsman that suits Your needs.

   I have and idea of how my tattoos should look like, I can sense what style i want to pursuite.

I am not there yet but hey, its about chasing the god damn rabbit, right?


 My mail goal is to make best possible tattoos based on my natural talents and actuall skill set with ambition to get better incrementally.


Would like to wear a sleeve for the rest of Your life knowing that is done with cheap tricks and will disolve waay faster in 20+ years? I dont. So I will not play games when comes to Your body.


Of course design, size and level of complication.

My goal is to give You balanced tattoo design with lots of lovely details but not so complicated that we will spend 20+ hours on a panel. And as always less is more. 


Moving on a chair may be an automatic and unconcious behaviour and typing on Your phone may seems like not a problem but it makes a enourmous difference for me.

   Bring headphones and phone, listen to good music or watch a movie and let me focus maximally on the process. If You need a break, no problem - wait until I am cleaning needle, reloading ink, whiping skin and we will do a small break.

Type of skin

Its a monumental factor and its also rarely understood by clients as such. 
   Some of types are fantastic to tattoo, needle penetrate skin easily and ink is going in smoothly, shading is lookign smoky-smooth and lines are sharper, as well as healing process goes easier. This type of skin is pretty rare unfortunetaly. Remember this -

even the most experienced and talented tattoo artists in the world will not make miracles here. 
   Sometimes the same type of tattoo will take twice the time and it not

a client or tattooist fault. I wish everybody will have perfect skin but life is brutal ey. 

   This is also one of the reasons why we charge by hour and not by piece. 
My best advice to this problem is to choose correct type of design and take extra care during healing.

Healing process:

This one should be obvious, but based on my own experience as well as taking look at healed pieces done by famous tattooists from around the world during one of the biggest tattoo convencion like London Tattoo convencion I can sadly say that good healing process is not a norm and professional, skilled tattooist with appreciation of skin cannot be blamed for that.

   My apporach to this is - explain to client what to do, answer their questions and be available via phone and pray.

   With multiple session tattoos I depend on clients appreaceation of my work. 

Cleaning and creaming every two hours for two weeks is actually a hard job, I understand that.

But tattoo that was not taken care of properly means more extra and unnecessary work at next session. Its not fun for me and it means more money for You. We both loose, as insteed of extra money from this job I want to finish piece and have a sense of accomplishment.

Remember My goal is to give You the best possible tattoo. Because i fnckn love this job and

because I am workaholic - my emotional well being depends on quality of my work.